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Winter Girls Volleyball Season

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Winter Girls Volleyball Programs

Information about each sport can be found by clicking the sport link on the home page.

Please Note: At any time during registration, CYO reserves the right to CLOSE or WAIT LIST registration for any sport that reaches its maximum capacity.  Wait listed registrants are not guaranteed a registration spot. CYO will notify wait listed registrants if an open slot becomes available.



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Sport Program Fee Registration
Open Closes
 Tryouts-Travel Girls Volleyball (grades 5-12)  $ 10.00 10/1 - 10/31 10/31
 Intramural Girls Volleyball (grades 4-8)  $125.00 11/26 - 1/7 1/7

Intramural Basketball (2018)


Available to Boys & Girls in the following grades;

K & 1 Boys/Girls - Clinic sessions offered on Saturday and Sunday.

2 - 3 Boys/Girls - 90-minute session once a week for 9 weeks. Please note that the teams will rotate and each team will have a different day/time every week.

4 - 8 Boys/Girls - Individual grades teams, except for Girls 7 & 8 which will be combined grade teams. Schedule will include 1 practice during a weeknight and 1 game on a weekend.

9 - 12 Boys Only - Individual grades teams. Schedule will include 1 game during a weeknight and 1 game on the weekend.

TRYOUTS-Travel Girls Volleyball (2018)

This is the registration to try-out for one of the Travel Volleyball teams for the 2019 season. Available to Girls in Grades 5 thru 8.

(1) Travel Eligibility Rules apply. Before you register, please ensure that you meet the travel eligibility requirement.
(2) There is a $10 non-refundable fee to try-out. The fee will not be refunded if you make the team, do not make the team, or decide not to participate in tryouts.
(3) If you are selected to a Travel team, additional fees are required.
(4) Information regarding the Travel Volleyball program can be found on the CYO home page.